Want to be a Localtarian Chef?



You love to cook. Why not earn some extra cash while doing it? If you already cook for yourself or your family, sign up for Localtarian to use your skills to feed your neighbors who are hungry for a home cooked meal.


How it works:

1.    You have control of what and when you cook. You can share an old family recipe or experiment with new flavors. You are your own boss so you can cook whichever days of the week work best for you.


2.    We find your hungry neighbors. We post your menu to our website; collect orders from neighbors; and let you know how much to cook ahead of time. We tell the world about your dishes and give you the tools to bring in customers from your growing network.


3.    You cook. We deliver. You cook your food and package it, while fresh, in our Localtarian approved containers. We pick it up and take it straight to your neighbor.



Chef Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to become a Localtarian Chef?
Its super easy! Just fill out the application here(link) and our Head of Chef Relations will then order a dish from you; taste it; view your kitchen, and answer any questions you may have. If all goes well, you will be live on our platform and be able to share your dishes with our community.


What about food safety and hygiene standards?
What we care about most is the safety of our local community. For this reason, we require that you follow all relevant food safety standards and recommendations when preparing your dishes. You can find such information from the USDA and through your local public health department. You are also required to get a food handlers license. DonÕt have one? No problem we will help you get one when you apply!


Who delivers the food?
DonÕt worry. WeÕve got you covered. Localtarian works with a trusted third party delivery system. If you want to make the delivery yourself, we give you the delivery fee and you get to meet your fellow neighbors!


How do I get paid as a Localtarian chef?

We distribute full payment of whatever you charge, less credit card fees, platform fees, and any refunds, within 7 business days. You keep 80% and we keep 20%.You have two options for receiving your payments. The first option is via direct deposit into your bank account. The second option is via a PayPal account. You are able to set up both options within our website.


What kind of containers should I use?

We provide you with standardized containers that will be best for most of the dishes you share. Because of our ability to buy in bulk, you receive the containers at a much lower price than retail prices.


Can a cook be removed from the Localtarian platform?
Yes. If a customer reports abuse of the system by a cook or a cook is given consistent bad reviews it could lead to removal of that cook from the platform. If at any point, you want to voluntarily be removed from the platform, you should contact our Head of Chef Relations.


What about taxes?
Localtarian collects sales tax on your behalf and forwards it to the appropriate government authority in cases when dishes are shared for a fee. You are responsible for paying income taxes. You will receive an annual sales report from our payment processor to help you determine if you owe any taxes. You should contact a tax professional to help determine your tax liability.


Can I change or cancel a dish once I post it?

Yup, you can change or cancel dishes by tapping the specific dish on the Activity tab of the appÕs Chef area. Please keep in mind that significant changes to dishes, especially after already being ordered, may lead to complaints, bad reviews, or refund requests from customers. Cancellations will lead to full refunds.



Is there a minimum amount that I need to post to stay on the platform?
No. There are no minimum volumes required to remain a cook. You also donÕt have to charge for any dishes to remain on the platform.


What can I do about an unfair or bad review?
We cannot modify or remove reviews unless theyÕre profane or abusive. Otherwise, we would jeopardize the integrity of the review system. We do allow for you to respond to each review. Your response will appear on the review page when others see the review in question.


Is my bank information secure?
Localtarian doesnÕt store any bank account data. Your bank account details are encrypted and sent to our payment processor. We receive a unique payment token in return that can only be used by Localtarian. Our payment processor maintains bank-level security of all data and complies with all applicable state and federal data protection and privacy laws.


Can a professional chef or restaurant post on Localtarian?
Professional chefs who want to cook from home are great! Restaurants cant post on Localtarian. Sorry Guys, were all about home-cooked food.


How many dishes can I post on Localtarian?
We want to make sure that were all about quantity not quality. So were limiting up to 20 plates a day.


How far into the future can I post a dish for sharing?
Dishes that are posted as can/have an end date of up to 7 days into the future. You can also post a dish to be shared immediately.